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Please talk about anything from entertainment related to Japanese culture to traditional culture education.

Please do not hesitate to consult us about cultural events, large and small events, MICE attractions, foreign entertainment, Kabuki experience, workshops, inbound projects, kabuki guidance as traditional arts, school arts appreciation etc.

I will travel to either Japan all over the world.
please contact us.

Please tell us your name, name of person in charge, contact address.
We will also ask you specific dates and times, places, budgets and so on within a fixed range.
Moreover, please contact us as it is when there is a request such as the contents of the execution.

Cancellation Policy

Holding the production

  • 7 Day’s Before〜 100%
  • 14 day’s Before〜  80%
  • 30 Day’s Before〜  70%
  • 45 Day’s Before〜  50%

New Year or busy season at the end of January

  • 1 Month Before〜 100%
  • 2 Month Before〜  80%
  • 3 Month Before〜  70%
  • 4 Month Before〜  50%


  • 30 Day’s Before〜 100%
  • 40 Day’s Before〜  80%
  • 50 Day’s Before〜  70%
  • 2 Month Before〜 50%


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