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Is easy to understand and interesting to watch for everyone.
We are, the world’s first entertainment team from Japan to combine and deliver various traditional and legendary Japanese performances including kabuki, geisha, ninja, samurai, shamisen, koto, Kabuki dance, Japanese illusion magic show and more with a modern twist.
Our shows can be totally customized to ensure your needs are met and for an experience you won’t forget.
We look forward to taking you on a journey as far back as the 17th century in Japan.
In keeping with the important rules of Kabuki, we have arranged it to give you, the audience, a more fulfilling and entertaining time!

Something like a Greatest Show Man

I started acting at the age of 18, afterward I stepped into the KABUKI world and was gradually lured by Kabuki itself. I have various experiences as an actor-base that supports my identitiy is always the rush of fun in the Kabuki theater.
I started MIYABI-YA and try to spread the interest of Kabuki worldwide as an original performer. Kabuki is our tool to express our identitiy as a Japanese performer to the World.
If you have any questions or an order, Please contact me.

Thank You.

Yukimasa Futamura

Yukimasa Futamura

Kabuki Entertainment Group,Miyabiya
Representative、Producer, Director

Have you seen kabuki before?
Today we can teach you how to enjoy kabuki.
When the actor’s emotion reaches the peak, they make some variety of poses.
This is the main feature of kabuki. It is called MIE poses.
When the actor make MIE pose (like stop motion),you can shout actor’s name.
This is one of the way how to enjoy kabuki together.
Please shout MIYABIYA(our group name)today and enjoy!


For your introduction to Kabuki experience today, we propose you ‘fresh’ and ‘private’ Kabuki entertainment show, which is readily acceptable styled and much more fun to watch. You can also enjoy various collaboration entertainments with other Japanese traditional art performances, for example, live performances of Japanese traditional instruments, performance show of Ninja and Samurai etc. Keeping with the important rules of Kabuki, the passionate actors will give you a totally new entertainment!

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