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KABUKI Workshop


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Something like a Greatest Show Man

Kabuki” is a musical from the Edo period that includes elements of song, dance, and action, and is a treasure of Japanese art and culture that continues to this day.
Despite the recent progress of globalization, most of us Japanese have become increasingly detached from traditional performing arts and Japanese culture.
Kabuki is the most popular entertainment in Edo, and as a symbol of Japanese culture, it is an object of great interest to people in other countries, along with “Ninja,” “Samurai,” “Geisha,” and “Sumo”.

Even today, there are wonderful kabuki performances at theaters every day, performed by the mainstream kabuki actors who have honed their craft since childhood and passed it on to future generations.
When you come to Japan, please go and see and experience it.
On the other hand, we are also aiming to expand our business to the world with our professional colleagues as Japanese entertainment & culture, mixing the original “kabuki – people who attract attention by their unusual behavior” that flourished in the Edo period with other Japanese culture that we are proud of.

On the other hand, we will also develop educational, dissemination, and transmission activities such as WORKSHOPs academically.

We hope that Kabuki and traditional performing arts will become an identity for all Japanese people and a global tool to express themselves to the world.
We hope that our activities will encourage as many people as possible to take an interest in Japanese culture and traditional performing arts.
That Japanese people will be more proud of Japan
and play an active role in the world.

I hope that my activities can be a help for the future.

I will visit anywhere in the world!
Collaboration is welcome!
Let’s meet in your country!


Yukimasa Futamura

Yukimasa Futamura

Kabuki Entertainment Group,Miyabiya
Representative、Producer, Director


Have you seen kabuki before?
Today we can teach you how to enjoy kabuki.
When the actor’s emotion reaches the peak, they make some variety of poses.
This is the main feature of kabuki. It is called MIE poses.
When the actor make MIE pose (like stop motion),you can shout actor’s name.
This is one of the way how to enjoy kabuki together.
Please shout MIYABIYA(our group name)today and enjoy!


For your introduction to Kabuki experience today, we propose you ‘fresh’ and ‘private’ Kabuki entertainment show, which is readily acceptable styled and much more fun to watch. You can also enjoy various collaboration entertainments with other Japanese traditional art performances, for example, live performances of Japanese traditional instruments, performance show of Ninja and Samurai etc. Keeping with the important rules of Kabuki, the passionate actors will give you a totally new entertainment!

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